Why bootcamps?

You’re starting out in the new or unknown world of entrepreneurship, and you are now what’s described in the industry as a founder. 

You’re committed to a business idea and excited to see where it goes. You have your own set of valuable knowledge and experience but still so much of what you are about to do is new to you. 

Sound familiar? If so, then help is at hand! That’s what programs like bootcamps are for.

About bootcamps

Any form of bootcamp is intended to be an intense and focused program based around a particular goal or learning experience. Often people think of the fitness training example where an experienced, in-shape instructor puts you through your paces.

In the business and startup context, they are designed to guide you through the early stages of getting your idea off the ground, whether it be developing your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), refining your business plans or getting out into the market. Here’s 5 great reasons to consider a bootcamp as part of your new founder journey.

1. A tailored program

Across the bootcamp you benefit from a program that has been developed with people like you in mind. It aims to quickly cover all the bases for what you need to know when starting a new venture and help you focus in on the key early stages of developing your business. It may even highlight things you didn’t know you needed to know.

2. Coaching from experts

In a bootcamp you get to work with and learn from experienced and talented business professionals. Coaches and facilitators can work with you and adapt their expertise to areas you specifically need to focus on and guide you as you start your journey. 

3. Access to a Mentor

What better then to hear and learn from other founders that have gone before you. Mentors, often entrepreneurs themselves, can share their experiences, offer you tips and give you the confidence to move forward in the next steps of your venture. 

4. Industry access

For some extra inspiration, a bootcamp will sometimes offer the opportunity to visit other startups and small businesses that have started out like yours and are now thriving. It will help you picture what could lie ahead and gain insight into how they got to where they are.

5. Peers

Going through something new and sometimes overwhelming is always a little easier when others are there with you. A bootcamp offers you the chance to start out alongside peers going through the same thing at the same time. You can share experiences, help each other out and take comfort that you are not alone. 

If you have the time to commit, a bootcamp really does offer so much by way of rewards. You learn, grow, focus, expand your networks and make progress on your new venture, with dedicated help and a group of supportive peers around you.

Applications are open for the upcoming, free Future Founders Bootcamps, with places for two cohorts of new founders across the following dates.

  • Cohort 1: 4 February to 15 February
  • Cohort 2: 18 February to 1 March

These particular bootcamps are specifically aimed at international students and graduates. Visit the Future Founders website to find out more and apply