Once your membership application has been approved, we’ll contact you to book an onsite induction and receive your access card. When you’ve completed induction, you can access the space whenever we are open.

StartSpace numbers are limited to ensure safe physical distancing. If StartSpace is at capacity, you’re welcome to use another one of our beautiful rooms at the Library. 

You can check out our upcoming free events, some of which are offered online and come along to learn and meet new people.  If you are a member, don’t forget we have the members slack channel available to you to connect with each other. If you have any other questions please contact the team at [email protected] and we will help you as best we can.

About membership

StartSpace was created for those in the early stages of developing their business. Your application lets us know what stage you’re at, and helps us understand more about your business and what kind of support you need.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can after receiving your application to confirm if your application is approved and book an induction. The team will give you an overview of the space and programs on offer and you will receive your access pass at the end of your induction. Each induction session runs for around 30 minutes. 

StartSpace focuses on early stage founders, and it is our hope that you graduate from the space as your business takes off.

Initial membership is for 6 months, with the possibility of extension following an evaluation of your progress.

About the space

Once you have been inducted as a member you will be given instructions on how to book and sent a link to the booking system. If you have further questions please email the team on [email protected].  

Only StartSpace members who have attended an onsite induction can access StartSpace. Membership is available for small teams (up to 4 people from the same team).

If you’d like to find out more about StartSpace before applying, you can book a spot at our regular StartSpace Tours to chat with a StartSpace team member. Otherwise you are welcome to email us at [email protected] and we will help address your questions.. 

No. You will not be able to use StartSpace or the State Library as your mailing address or registered office address. It is also not possible for the StartSpace team to provide any specific documentation to support internship placements or grant applications (though we are happy for you to reference your StartSpace membership in any submissions). 

We do not provide computers in StartSpace however there are some monitors with a HDMI connector available for use on a walk-up basis. We encourage you to bring your own device and use the wi-fi.

You are able to bring your own mouse and keyboard to use if you wish.

You can also access the public PCs in the main Library information centre, which are currently offered on a walk-up basis.

You are not able to bring in any furniture or printers into StartSpace. If you would like to bring in your own mouse and keyboard that is ok.

If you have any questions about specific requests or needs please do contact the team at: [email protected]

No. All desks are hot desks, so there’s nowhere secure to leave your belongings. 

We offer a suite of business development workshops and public events to inspire, engage and inform. All our events are currently offered in-person however we do run online events from time-to-time. You can find out about upcoming events here.

The StartSpace area is exclusive to members. We can, however, host teams of up to 4 members (each team member will need to submit an application and attend an induction). 

StartSpace is a shared spaceso is not guaranteed to be silent. You’ll be allowed to take calls at your desk, but at a respectful volume that takes other StartSpace members into consideration.

Email the team at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.