Terms & conditions of StartSpace membership

By accepting your membership offer, you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions of StartSpace membership. These Terms and Conditions are made pursuant to s52 (By-laws) of the Libraries Act 1988 (Vic) as well as State Library Victoria’s (‘the Library’s’) Terms & conditions of public entry.

The Library reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions without notice.

The membership offer is non-refundable and cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers.


  • To outline the inclusions of StartSpace membership
  • To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all members and staff within StartSpace.
  • To ensure the protection, proper usage and management of StartSpace and its contents.


StartSpace membership application and evaluation process:

  • StartSpace membership criteria include:
    • Victorian resident
    • Over the age of 18
    • Evidence of working on an early stage startup or small business idea
    • Business idea is lawful
  • Please note that StartSpace only hosts individuals or very small teams (up to 4 people from the same team) and aims to ensure member diversity across age ranges, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, genders and educational backgrounds.
  • Applications go through an assessment process managed by the StartSpace team. Memberships are offered initially for a 6-month period, with quarterly check-ins to evaluate progress and suitability for membership extensions.

Terms and conditions

  • Membership privileges are only available on the presentation of a valid membership card together with photographic identification.
  • Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable and to be used for Permitted Use.
  • The Library reserves the right to terminate or revoke membership for failure to comply with these terms & conditions.
  • Members are responsible for ensuring the details of their membership, including contact details, are correct at all times.
  • Members must go through an induction session before using the space. A personalised access pass will be created for you upon induction.
  • StartSpace membership entitles you to access to the ground floor coworking space and core services including:
    • Access to the ground floor coworking area.
    • Opening Hours of 56 hours of access per week.
      • 10am–6pm (Monday–Sunday)
    • Access to the full range of StartSpace programming
  • StartSpace Loft membership entitles you to exclusive access to the upstairs StartSpace Loft coworking space and other services and amenities including:
    • Access to the StartSpace Loft kitchenette.
    • Day lockers.
    • Access to the StartSpace Loft boardroom.
    • Access to two soundproof Skype booths for private calls.
    • Access to printing and scanning facilities.
    • Opening Hours of 71 hours of access per week
      • 7am–6pm (Monday-Friday)
      • 10am–6pm (Saturday-Sunday)
      • Access to the Library is via Entry 3 on weekdays.
    • Access to the full range of StartSpace programming.
  • StartSpace Loft membership will incur a fee ($250+GST) payable monthly

While a StartSpace member, you must:

  • Conduct yourself in a manner which, in the reasonable opinion of the Library, does not disrupt, interfere, offend or obstruct other persons or operations including: demonstrating respectful behaviour to staff and members of the public, appropriate use of Library space and equipment and complying with any instructions or restrictions on use of equipment and resources. The Library reserves the right to remove individuals or suspend or cancel their membership for inappropriate conduct.
  • Comply with all relevant laws, policies and procedures published by the Library.
  • Comply with any reasonable request, signage or special conditions in relation to your entry, continued presence, or use of the Library and its contents.
  • Cooperate with all health and safety policies and procedures of the Library (including wearing appropriate footwear at all times) and take all reasonable care to ensure that your actions or omissions do not impact on the health and safety of yourself or others.

While a StartSpace member, you must not:

  • Bring in any non-members into the space – except for StartSpace Loft members for the express purpose of meetings with guests in the Loft meeting room.
  • Provide your access pass to someone else.
  • Eat hot food in the StartSpace ground floor area. Food must also be brought in within a bag.
  • Bring in takeaway coffee or other similar hot beverages through the public areas of the library unless in a sealed container kept within a bag
  • Smoke tobacco or any other substance.
  • Leave baggage or personal items unattended.
  • Bring animals onto the Premises except an accredited assistance animal.
  • Bring or consume your own alcohol or enter under the influence of illegal drugs.
  • Bring into or possess any prohibited object or article.
  • Use the internet access provided for any illegal purposes
  • Without approval, enter into restricted areas.
  • Without approval, display any advertising material, offer for sale any article or item, solicit money from individuals, or recruit or attempt to recruit membership in any type of organisation, for commercial or non-commercial purposes. Members however are given the express permission to work on their commercial business from StartSpace.


To the full extent permitted by the law, you release, discharge and indemnify the Library from all claims and any loss, damage or injury whatsoever caused, arising from your attendance on the Library Premises, except where such a claim arises as a result of a negligent or wilful act or omission by the Library. If any of these Terms and Conditions are deemed illegal or unenforceable, the offending part will be disregarded and not affect the remaining parts.

Your personal information and privacy

The Library collects personal information from users in order to achieve its statutory functions and strategic objectives, and manages that information in accordance with privacy legislation, and any other applicable laws. The requirements and principles that inform the Library in relation to the collection and handling of users’ personal information can be found in more detail on our Privacy policy page. The Library may contact you from time to time to ask about your experiences with the StartSpace program.


“Library” means any land or buildings managed or controlled by State Library Victoria.

“Opening hours” means the hours during which the Library, or any part, are designated as open.

“You” refers to you, or any person with you, including any dependents or children under your supervision.

“early stage ” as defined by City of Melbourne Startup Action Plan (Welcome/Found pg. 41) and LaunchVic’s Startup Framework (New/Early Stage pg. 14) – idea stage or validation/testing stage that is pre-revenue or minimal revenue.

“Permitted use” activities related to or reasonably associated with an early stage startup or small business proposal or its development.