Mentorship Program 2022

StartSpace in collaboration with Ensemble Strategy are launching a pilot mentorship program exclusively for StartSpace Members. The program is designed to offer tailored support for where you are on your founder journey and what you need right now. It is free to participate, but requires a commitment of time and willingness to learn. Please note applications are now closed for the 2022 Mentorship Program.

Congratulations to our 10 Mentees!

We were thrilled to have a large response to the Mentorship Program. Congratulations to the following StartSpace Members that will be participating in the program in 2022.


What the program offers

  • A shared journey within a small cohort of founders where you will have the opportunity to meet up at various points of the program including Kick-off and Closing events.
  • 3x one-on-one business coaching sessions with the program facilitators from Ensemble Strategy at various milestones in the program to discuss progress along the way.
  • 6x one-on-one mentoring sessions (either in-person or virtual) with a dedicated Mentor selected for you.
  • 5x group mentoring sessions (optional) with other Mentees and Mentors from the program covering different topics relevant to founders.


If you are a StartSpace Member who has been inducted on or before Friday 22 July 2022. We are looking for members who will really value mentoring support to develop themselves and drive progression with their idea or new venture.

Due to spaces on the program pilot being limited, we ask teams with multiple co-founders to select only one to apply, as we can only select one founder per team or venture.

It is really important that you can afford the time to properly commit to this mentoring program from August to December 2022. We estimate the total time commitment for each Mentee will be 25 hours across the five months. For more information please read the full Terms and Conditions.

Selection Criteria

To submit your application for this program we will ask you to fill out a form and answer a few questions about where you are currently at with your idea or venture and the type of mentoring support you think you will benefit from.

The key selection criteria will be considered as follows:

Attitude and Commitment (30%)

You have expressed the current level of commitment that you are investing into your business and your availability around the time of the program and how that will work with your other commitments (e.g. work, study, other program participation).

Problem and Solution (30%)

You have demonstrated that you have a clear idea of who your target audience is/are and how your product or service (solution) solves a specific problem for them.

For applicants who are still in the ideas stage / have not yet launched the business, you are eligible to apply however you will need to demonstrate that significant research has been done to understand the problem, the market or industry you’ll be entering, potential effectiveness of the solution you’re offering as well as potential competitors to your business.

Impact (30%)

You have outlined how this program may change the trajectory of your business and your personal growth as a founder.

Success to date and Future Plans (10%)

You have demonstrated what you have achieved so far and some goals you plan to undertake during and after the program in a clear manner.

How to apply

The program is free to participants. Applications are now closed for the pilot program.

Applications will be reviewed by a selection panel and we aim to have Mentees selected and notified in early August. For more information please read the full Terms and Conditions.