About Lunch and Learn

Members Lunch and Learn is a series of peer-to-peer learning sessions exclusive to StartSpace Members.

Each session will be delivered by a fellow founder and StartSpace member who has knowledge to share that may help you in your own venture. It’s designed to be a short session over lunch where you can take a break, learn something new while eating your lunch and have a chance to meet other founders.

These sessions are free to attend and are scheduled to run every second Thursday of the month from 12:30pm-1:00pm in StartSpace Ground Floor. It’s essential to book so we can effectively manage the attendance for each session.

Please note these events do not include catering. You are welcome to bring along your lunch and eat it during the session.

Upcoming Sessions


Service Blueprinting: How to play 4D chess, led by Joseph Oliver Yap, Co-founder of ZeroTag

Thursday 13 April, 12:30-1:00pm

Digital products can be confusing to design and communicate because they can change according to the user and situation, but their adaptability is precisely why we use them. Service blueprinting is a tool for planning how stakeholders, teams, and technologies interact that is a level up from simple customer journey maps. It is especially useful for the design of digital products with multiple-sided marketplaces and data collection.


Moving On Up: how dance/movement works to improve wellbeing and build resilient communities, led by Naomi Nicholson, Founder of Hope and Motion

Thursday 11 May, 12:30-1:00pm

In this session I will cover the findings from my psychology thesis on therapeutic dance/movement and provide a gentle experiential example. This session is for anyone interested in engaging ways to improve mental and emotional health that include the body, and focus on community. After this session participants will have a clearer idea of ‘how’ dance/movement works to improve wellbeing and an improved sense of connection to their own selves and each other.


Targeting your product to reach your market, led by Esperanza Torres, Founder of Measure to Evolve

Thursday 8 June, 12:30-1:00pm

You’ve got a great idea but does your product really solve the problem for your market? This an interactive and fun market research workshop for entrepreneurs who want to understand how their product solves a problem and who will buy it.

Starting with an active discussion about the problem you are solving with your product, we then journey from product to sales. Using the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How, we will explore how to understand what your product can do, and who will buy it.

Other dates in the series

  • Thursday 13 July – presenter and topic TBC
  • Thursday 10 August – presenter and topic TBC
  • Thursday 14 September – presenter and topic TBC
  • Thursday 12 October – presenter and topic TBC
  • Thursday 9 November – presenter and topic TBC
  • Thursday 14 December – presenter and topic TBC


Volunteer to be a presenter

Would you like the opportunity to present at one of our future Lunch and Learn sessions? We are taking expressions of interest from any StartSpace members keen to volunteer to share knowledge or lead a discussion with other members that may be useful to them.